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, which represents u.s. interests in iran. let's get the latest now from that region. mohammed jamjoon join us. >> about 2,000 to 3,000 protesters that were marching toward the u.s. embassy, many of them aable to get close enough to the main gates. they started scaling the walls. fires were set outside the u.s. embassy compound. i've spoken to a western diplomat there who tells me everyone in the embassy is fine. no word if the staff has been evacuated. just a short while ago, yemeni president issued a statement in which he issued an apology to u.s. president barack obama and the american people for the attack on the embassy today, saying this was unacceptable and ordered yemeni security forces to launch an investigation and prosecute anybody they found involved in this to the full extent of the law. this was quite worrying today. for one reason, the u.s. embassy compound in sanaa is one of the most protected sites. not just in the city of s aanaa, the capital of yemen, but practically in all of the country of yemen. i've been to yemen several times, been to sanaa several times. i've b
-muslim video, movie, whatever you want to call it. it was extraordinarily crude. mohammed jamjoon of cnn is reporting for us and he has been throughout yemen many times and elsewhere in the middle east. this is your beat, and you are with us from beirut in lebanon and quite a ways away from the violence we just saw, but my question, mohammed, how much of reaction to spread to egypt, and y yemen and libya, and elsewhere and how do we see it as far west as you are and as far west as afghanistan and the philippines? >> well, that is certainly the concern right now, ashleigh, the fact that so many protests have popped up in these countries over the last 24 hours. i was speaking earlier in the day to a lot of activists in yemen. and i have been to yemen many times and i was talking to them about this and they were saying that they were shocked that a protest could get this close to the u.s. em bbassy. they were saying that they were concerned that this might happen, because there has been so much outrage in the middle east and specifically the countries that we are talking about, about this f
a moment. our mohammed jamjoon is in syria. >>> making a decision for themselves and their daughters. it's airing next week. it's inspired by his award winning book co-authored with his wife, cheryl. meg ryan, gabrielle union went to different corners of the globe to meet with women who are overcoming abuse and oppression. he explains why this project is so important. >> we're going to be going on a journey. some of the places in the world where the oppression of women and girls is truly at its most extreme. we'll be traveling to six different countries and we invited six american actresses to join us. we're going to meet with some people they're building a better cambodia, vietnam and working on issues like sex trafficking, violence against women and also solutions such as getting more girls to the school and keeping them there. >> and in a special report for cnn, kristof sat down with these actresses to learn what they learned about the women holding up half the sky. olivia wild told us about her eye-opening journey to kenya. >> this is huge. >> the biggest market of second hand in ken
of the worst of the war. mohamed jamjoon has more. >> reporter: what the opposition here is describing as a deciding battle to push out president assad, and the forces and gain control of the city once and for all. the seesaw fight for aleppo which is at a stalemate has been continuing since july, and the number of deaths has been increasing. opposition forces say in the past few days aleppo has experienced the worst fighting yet. and the syria news agency confirmed that the armed terrorists were at the site in aleppo, including part of the historic marching place there. meanwhile, amateur video posted on line purported to show a fire spreading through the area. it is still not clear how the fire began and how much of the market was burned. officials say it was fighting between the syria rebels that sparked the blaze. the area is covered with alleys, and shops where everything from food to clothes is sold. it was once a major tourist area, and part of the reason that it is a world site. >>> this is an ongoing debate, do you spank your kids? is it child abuse or do you think it leads to
. >> that's at least good to hear. mohammed jamjoon, thank you so much. >>> do want to bring you up to date one thing president obama spoke on the phone with yemen's president just a short time ago and we just received a read out. the white house released this statement in part, i'll read it to you. president hadi committed to doing everything possible to protect american citizens in yemen and said he had deployed additional security forces around the u.s. embassy. president obama reiterated his rejection of any efforts to denigrate islam and emphasize that there is never any justification for the violence we are seeing. just getting that read out right now, wolf. of course, it also says reaffirming our commit to the government and people during their historic transition. >> the demonstrations will get intense, not only in cairo, but yemen. also we're watching what's going on in libya right now. let's join her from the libyan capital of tripoli. you have details on one arrest on this deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi. what can you tell us? >> wolf, senior libyan officials have
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10 (some duplicates have been removed)

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